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Johnny's Videogame Guide Repository

This is a list of all of the guides I have written that are not published elsewhere, for whatever reason. These guides may not be formatted to display optimally, as they are personal lists and references I have posted for the benefit of others. There is also other stuff here, including saves for various games of mine, as well as Pokémon event saves. Enjoy!

A list of my published guides may be found here.

Game save repository: A collection of game saves for various consoles.

Event Pokémon Repository: A collection of save files for various event Pokémon that have been released.

Fallout 3 Skill Book Checklist (360, PS3, PC)
~A detailed checklist of all skill books in Fallout 3.

Fallout: New Vegas Scaled Item List (360, PS3, PC)
~A detailed list of all known scaled (larger/smaller than normal) items in Fallout: New Vegas.

Final Fantasy IV DS: Personal Augment Guide (NDS)
~An Augment guide, listing distribution and 3rd playthrough Lv71-99 Augments.

Golden Sun Transfer Item Guide (GBA)
~A list of the items in the first Golden Sun that are not found in GS:TLA.

Grandia Xtreme: Odds and Ends Information Guide (PS2)
~Various lists and other random odds and ends.

Phantom Brave: Skill List (PS2 and WII)
~A list of the hundreds of skills and their attributes.

SaGa Frontier II: Rare Item Info Guide (PS1)
~Listings of various rare and unique items in the game.

Saints Row: The Third GPS Shortcuts Map (because Gamefaqs won't post it) (360, PS3, PC)
~A map showing all of the GPS shortcuts in the game. Also applies to Saints Row IV, although not a tracked stat in that game.

The Legend of Alon D'ar: Armor List (PS2)
~A list of the game's armors and their attributes.

The Legend of Alon D'ar: Misc. Item List (PS2)
~A list of the game's various items and their attributes.

The Legend of Alon D'ar: Quest Item List (PS2)
~A list of the game's quest items and what they are used for.

The Legend of Alon D'ar: Shield List (PS2)
~A list of the game's shields and their attributes.

The Legend of Alon D'ar: Weapon List (PS2)
~A list of the game's weapons and their attributes.

Other documents:

Divinity II: Ego Draconis: Ore Vein Probability Info (by Nilwerp) (360 and PC)

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