Alon D'ar Misc
Type Name Buy Sel Effect Description
Elixir Dex Boost - 0 Dexterity: 10 This vial is filled with a mercurial blue liquid. Raises Dexterity.
Elixir Dex Enhancer - 0 Dexterity: 5 A spark of electricity arcs through this liquid on occasion.
Elixir Spi Augmenter - 0 Spirit: 15 The liquid has a numbing effect on the lips of the imbiber. Greatly improves Spirit.
Elixir Spi Boost - 0 Spirit: 10 A pale, while potion feels this ornate vial.
Elixir Spi Enhancer - 0 Spirit: 5 This clear potion is strangely cold, but refreshing.
Elixir Str Augmenter - 0 Strength: 15 This reddish-brown potion has a bittersweet taste. Greatly increases Strength.
Elixir Str Boost - 0 Strength: 10 This red liquid glows with a bright white light.
Elixir Str Enhancer - 0 Strength: 5 This potion froths and bubbles from an unknown heat.
Focal Absorption Orb - 500 Magic Class: Absorption Arts This sphere seems to draw light in from all around it. Used to wield the Absorption Fates.
Focal Blazing Orb 500 375 Magic Class: Fire Fates This dull red sphere is warm to the touch. Gives its wielder control of the Fire Fates.
Focal Orb of Defense - 750 Magic Class: Barrier Arts This orb contains Barrier magic, and has the symbol of many shields crafted on it.
Focal Orb of Healing 500 425 Magic Class: White Magic Arcs of green and white curve around this orb which grants the ability to control White Magic.
Focal Orb of Sound 500 375 Magic Class: Sound Fates This object vibrates with a barely audible hum, and gives its user power over the Sound Fates.
Focal Orb of Tears 500 300 Magic Class: Water Fates A single glowing spark whirls endlessly in this sphere which controls the Water Fates.
Focal Orb of Winds 500 375 Magic Class: Air Fates Rolling clouds are visible within this arcane ball. This orb controls the Air Fates.
Focal Stone Orb 500 250 Magic Class: Earth Fates The body of an M'Ton is clearly visible on this orb, allowing mastery of the Earth Fates.
Potion Ancient Heal - 0 Heal HP: 1000 Made from a mixture of rare flower petals and ancient healing oils.
Potion Antivenom - 0 Resist Poison: 30; Duration: 20 This thick, black liquid has powerful anti-toxins.
Potion Cactus Flower - 0 Heal HP: 40 A beautiful flower, but tricky to get your hands on. Said to heal deep wounds.
Potion Cactus Potion 75 37 Heal HP: 100 Though this potion has a bitter taste, its healing properties are worth it.
Potion Flower Spike - 0 Heal MEP: 50 These magically restorative flowers come from a large blue plant.
Potion Magic Potion - 0 Heal MEP: 750 A swirling, magenta liquid fills this vial. Replenishes magical energy.
Potion Palm Nut - 0 Heal HP: 30 A prize for a scavenger, these nuts are said to have healing properties.
Potion Palm Nut Potion 50 25 Heal HP: 75 This thick, light green liquid is sweet to the taste. Strong healing properties.
Potion Poison Resistance 15 7 Resist Poison: 30; Duration: 20 This potion is clear, with a single purple leaf at the bottom of the vial.
Potion Spike Potion 100 50 Heal MEP: 120 The color of this potion is yellow, though it is still transparent. Restores magical energy.
Potion Ullapa Leaves - 0 Heal MEP: 100 These leaves are thick and damp. Believed to bring back lost magical energy.
Potion Ullapa Potion 150 75 Heal MEP: 200 This strange pink liquid has a sweet smell. Rumored to replenish magical energy.
Potion Wither Bane - 0 Heal HP: 20 These healing leaves from a large plant are still wet with morning dew.
Potion Wither Potion 30 15 Heal HP: 50 This healing elixir tastes of strange herbs and spring water.
Tattoo Dark Defender 200 100 Resistance: Black Arts; Resistance: 15 A heroic Kemarran wards off zombies in this image.
Tattoo Fire Ward 500 250 Resist Fire: 15 This tattoo shows a Sarojin walking unharmed on a fiery path.
Tattoo Health Charm 500 250 Resist Wounding: 15 This image depicts a frustrated M'Ton standing in front of a smiling, unharmed Dagani.
Tattoo Mind Ward 500 250 Resist Stun: 15 A dragonet soars through the clouds in this tattoo.
Tattoo Sword Ward 750 375 Damage Reduce: 20; Resist Bleeding: 15 This tattoo is emblazoned with the symbol of a two-handed sword.
Tattoo Venom Ward 500 250 Resist Poison: 20 The image of waves crashing against a solid wall is clearly visible.
Tattoo Voodoo Charm 200 100 Resistance: Voodoo Arts; Resistance: 15 This tattoo shows a Kemarran standing her ground against a magical ball of energy.
Tattoo White Ward 150 75 Resist Bleeding: 15 A gift from the Kemarrans, this tattoo is brightly colored.