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Thread Description: A Choose Your Own Adventure Adventure!

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You are the hero in Heroes Rise!

Heroes Rise is a CYOA text adventure game. CYOA stands for 'Create Your Own Adventure' and every child read at least one. Don't lie. I hesitate to call this a visual novel, visual novels tend to have, you know, visuals. This is all text. Text broken only by player input that changes how the story plays out.

One wrong choice and you could wind up dead. Or you could find yourself becoming a villain. It's up to you. There are elements of a game. You have stats to take note of and meters to keep track of. Are you going to try and be a famous hero? A vigilante? A defender of the law? Or are you just trying to get money? The choice is yours.

YOU are the hero. This is Heroes Rise.

All choices will be determined by you fine folks. In the event of a tie between votes, I'll...cross that bridge when we get there. Stuff in italics will either be information about the game or attempts at humor from me.

Let's get out there and be a hero.



No, it's not like the dog and cat movie of the same name.

A helicopter blade slices through the air inches away from your face, filling your nostrils with the smell of burning metal. You don't have time to process this, however, as a ball of flame unfurls in your direction.

You leap onto a neighboring rooftop and tumble around a smoldering chunk of engine. Today was supposed to be your day off, but when you saw a news chopper careening out of control above the city, you couldn't just stand by like a common pedestrian.

As you pull clear of the wreckage, you see that the ejected pilot floats high above the rooftops from a parachute—one that is crawling with licks of flame. It won't be long before the parachute burns through and the pilot drops hundreds of stories to his death…

So, how are you going to save him?


-Rip up the cables that run along the roof and use them to lasso the pilot down.

-Use the zip-cord from your wrist holster to reel in the pilot.

-Forget the pilot—he'll be able to steer himself onto one of the rooftops. It's much more important to stop the burning wreckage from falling to the busy streets below.

Here is your first decision of the game. Choose wisely, for this one choice could very well set the tone for the entire story.

How dreamlike to see my x-sisters, outside the context of a Papa Song dome. They sang Papa Song’s Psalm, over and over; background hydraulics underbassed that sickening melody. But how jubilant they sounded! Their Investment was paid off. The voyage to Hawaii was under way, and their new life on Xultation would shortly begin... Watching them from the hangway, I envied their certainty about the future.
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