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Originally Posted by Altima View Post
I will always see myself as being better than theives and liars.

And I will always see myself better than someone who takes pride in the fact that he can and will often be an asshole to people.

See, it works both ways.

You assume that I spend all my cash on games and anime? I'd hate to tell you, but I don't spend all of my money there, I still have 5 figures that just sits in my wallet and there is no decimal point in that figure.

There's no reason for anyone to ever carry 10000 dollars in their wallet. Ever. That's just asking to be robbed. And credit cards don't count. Are you trying to impress us with this 'fact'? Shit, man, I aint got nothin' less than a Benjamin in my wallet, son.

I don't remember any of that, and I say a lot of things when i'm angry. I say whatever I can to make the person im saying it to, to feel as horreible as they possibly can. I made my woman want to kill herself once, I said somethings that were so mean and evil. I'm not like that really at all tho, I just say a lot of mean stuff when im in the wrong mood. Like I said tho, those instinces come an go and 98% of the people around me like me all the time, so I must not be doing too bad.

You have said everything Holly accused you of. But wait, that creates a paradox in your 'I am better than liars' thing. And what kind of person is proud of making a woman contemplate suicide. You do know that, if she did go through with it you could've been charged.

And I consider mysel better than someone who drives someone else to kill themselves because they are 'angry'.

And, FYI, people like me too, it's not exactly something special. It helps not to be condescending to them.

You are so stupid, it amazes me sometimes. Watching tv can't be stealing, as you pay the bill for it. Now if you steal your cable, then it is stealing.

Here's what Yvl was saying.

Here's your head.

Yeah Youtube sure does have some great quality.
Anyone who watches anime on YouTube deserves the quality. Try MegaUpload.

Well if so many people want to watch the show they have created then they must have done something right.

You'd be surprised how false that statement is.

Aren't you the arrogant one....Mr Prince? You amuse me my little stupid child. I will see myself as better than you, and I also don't see Droog or Holly as very much my equal. You all seem so stupid to me or just wrong in some ways, that I can't do so. I have my reasons why of course, but I don't feel liek spelling them out.
Well fuck you too, buddy!

OMG I had no idea that your stupidity could amaze me any farther and then I read this. $5-$10 a volume for anime? An anime that is 4 or 5 episodes is at least 1 and a half hours or longer, which is the same length of a full length movie that costs at least $19.99 each so why would they drop their price lower than that?
With a lower price people would be more apt to purchase more than one volume. It's economics. It's the equivalent of someone going through sales ads to find the lowest possible price, even if it's only a few cents. It's appealing to the consumer, the target audience. Typical anime fans aren't rolling with five digit amounts of cash in their wallets.

They want to make money afterall. Even if it did cost maybe $1 to make each dvd, the production, paying of all the workers that made it, voiced it, drew it, etc all had to be paid. If they charged that little there is no way they would maek any money unless they made anime movies and they went to theatres and made $100 million of course.
Anime volume sales do not make up the core of a company's revenue stream. It may account for some percent, but there are so many other factors to consider.

You just get dumber with each line you type. Some people hate to read their shows and instead want to just watch them and hear the words and everything in their native language so they can just focus on the show and not the words at the bottom of the screen. So im afraid that just isn't possible.

Isn't possible? Japanese movies have been doing it for YEARS. Foreign films have been doing it YEARS. Sit back from the television. Look at the screen. See how you can see the whole screen? It's not hard to focus on both the text and the picture. If someone is constantly moving their head up and down while watching they are going to have neck problems.

You get more than a half and hour moron. A 4 volume sanime is usually at least around 112minutes or so as I just watched one. Sometimes you can get 5 or even more episodes per a volume of anime for 2 hours or more of anime on that volume. The proof is in the volumes of Fruits Basket (6,7 episodes each volume), or Ragnarok(9 episodes I think), so that is a lot more than a half hour of entertainment.

You get, taking out opening and closing, around 25 minutes of actual anime per episode. He wasn't talking as a whole. He was talking individual episodes.

Also if that volume has actor and director commentary or other special features then you get more entertainment from that volume of anime.
You know how many DVDs have commentary? Not a whole lot. Grenadier had commentary on one or two episodes, but it was dull. Cowboy Bebop Remix has commetary on episodes, but you can only stand two people talk in the same monotonus voice for so long. People don't buy anime for commentary, which is why you don't find it in many DVDs. Most special features amount to textless openings and closings with some trailers. Guess what, I can see that shit without shelling out $20 for 90 minutes or so of anime I've probably already seen.

And by the way, Altima, I'm getting fucking sick of you calling me a loli fan. It wasn't true back when I first had my Gunslinger Girl sig. It's not true now. With the others I know it's a joke. With you, who the fuck cares.

How dreamlike to see my x-sisters, outside the context of a Papa Song dome. They sang Papa Song’s Psalm, over and over; background hydraulics underbassed that sickening melody. But how jubilant they sounded! Their Investment was paid off. The voyage to Hawaii was under way, and their new life on Xultation would shortly begin... Watching them from the hangway, I envied their certainty about the future.

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