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Originally Posted by Altima View Post

No one but I have to try and set all the idiots and theives in this world right. Stealing is a crime, and my code of honor doesn't allow me to take anything that doesn't belong to me, even if I watch it online from a computer screen.

I won't even begin to tell you how much that just condradicted your entire being.

Originally Posted by Altima View Post

I will say it again. I do everything the 'right' way. I don't steal, I don't lie, I cannot do these things ever as my honor as a man won't allow me to do so. Obviously most the people here are ok with stealing and what not which I have seen plenty of in the past and you all sicken me really. You all are just so stupid to think that none of your actions have led the anime business to the horrible shape that it is in today.
You do. You do and YOU DO.

You've said as much yourself.

You said you'll step on people to get what you want.
You've LIED. You admitted so. You've gone behind someone's back.

You'd ADMITTED all of this to us.

Don't go acting all high and mighty.

Technically you did steal, too. Maybe not an item...But you did steal...

Originally Posted by Altima View Post
I can't see any real fault in the author's words.

But yeah. You can't blame other countries stuff going down the pan on downloaders from other countries. If they didn't download it, they wouldn't know that it existed and they wouldn't even know to buy it.
Some of us download AND buy if we like the show. I do...Only most of the anime I download...I can't actually get imported.
Like Mamotte! Lollipop! I have to wait for it to get dubbed and stuff...
Some of us do the whole try and buy...Although alot of us don't >.>

You said you don't care if the anime business goes bust anyways. So why are you still here?
You're complaining about losing something you don't care about o.o
Why moan?

Downloaders do play a part, though.
But do know how bad the economy is...Like all over the world right now...Don't you?

So many thousand people have lost their jobs over here because WE HAVE NO MONEY.
None of us. We're so poor...It's actually gotten to the point where it's funny.
But it's like that in so many places now...Maybe not with losing jobs but so many places are having money issues and the governments solve this problem...By...Upping prices!
So no one can afford to buy anything, so no money goes back into the country and everything gets worse.
I'm not talking food shopping...I mean everything. So it's only natural that anime business is suffering now...Just like EVERY OTHER BUSINESS.

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