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Pissed One piece pw4 : Pirate King and tourney ideas

not mine from r/kuro_shiragami,This is Kuro, this my idea for helping pirate warriors 4 to grow and gain more people, so please critique and help me improve on this.

Summary: Captain are players that are best with that character in most KOs, or bounty, etc..
Eg best Zoro : Kuro_Shiragami or Shiro_Kurozumi

Yonkos: Are players who are the best in particular area like most KOs, or most bounty.
For example btw not legit but Kuro Shiragami for most KOs.

Captains and Yonkos can change and are interchangeable between players and there long
lasting ones as well.

Pirate King : The best person in the game in all game modes and that helps grow and brings
positive influences to the community to just genuine want to make Pirate warriors 4 and
better experience for any one and its permeant title that'll be known throughout all pirate
warriors communities and something we all should strive for .

Examples are theoretical not real so have fun and enjoy pirate warriors 4 my fellow comrades.
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