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"I have attained ultra speed by training, and training, and training, all while wearing 100-ton boxers!"
- Mid-Boss
(Disgaea: Hour of Darkness)

"Injured, sick, all accepted. Come on in! But no deceased please."
- Sign outside of Citan's house

"Am I a butterfly dreaming I'm a man... or a bowling ball dreaming I'm a plate of sashimi?"
- Doreen
(Chrono Trigger)

"All of the information is there, except for the information that isn't."
- Librarian

"But of course... I am an aristocrat of strength and beauty. They call moi the Dark Adonis."
- Mid-Boss
(Disgaea: Hour of Darkness)

"Victory is subjective. You see, as far as style is concerned, I am clearly the winner."
- Mid-Boss
(Phantom Brave)

"The sun's rays caress my gift of beauty. Fangirls bow like flowers in gossamer wind. I am the Phantom Adonis."
- Phantom Mid-Boss
(Phantom Brave)

"I'm one of the masters of this hole. There are five masters in all. We are all moles, of course. I believe I'm the third strongest amongst us. Take your best shot!"

"I'm really the third strongest master. I'll destroy you now!"

"My strength falls between the second and fourth strongest masters. Do you wanna test me?"

"I'm truly the third strongest master of this hole. I'll demonstrate the power of being third to you!"

"Ha ha ha. You've fought the strongest master of this hole, the second strongest master of this hole, the fourth strongest master of this hole, and the weakest master of this hole! I'm truly the third strongest master of this hole. Now you see the true advantage of being third!"
- Guardian Digger Moles

"It is a disappointment that we can't turn our fight into a show...At the least, we would kill you in style!"
- Augus
(Breath of Fire II)

"Wait, do you hear that? It's the sound of the Reaper calling your name."
- Magus
(Chrono Trigger)

"The best thing in life is being free of obligation...otherwise you lose your ability to gamble."
- Setzer
(Final Fantasy VI)

"Ah, we meet again. You disappoint me by your persistent refusal to drop dead."
- Vaida
(Fire Emblem 7)

"A word of advice, friend. Never sneak up on a man unfolding a treasure map!"
- Dart
(Fire Emblem 7)

"What's the matter little knight? You don't seem happy to see me!"
- Gades
(Lufia and the Fortress of Doom)

"You're THAT Kyle?! Well, spank my bottom and call me pinky!"
- Thief in Bazaar
(Lunar Silver Star Story Complete)

"Don't get me wrong; it's not as though I think much of you."
- Dias
(Star Ocean: The Second Story)

"The absence of wrath is an impediment to utilizing your true strength."
- Grahf

"Here I am! The Grim Reaper's pen pal! The ultimate Macho Man!"
- Zed
(Wild ARMs)

"You spoony bard!"
- Tellah
(Final Fantasy IV)

"It is not my fists, but your past sins that will kill you...

The more evil your past doings, the more painful your death..."
- Akuma/Gouki
(Street Fighter Alpha 3)

"To stand in my way, is to feed your soul to the jaws of death!"
- Akuma/Gouki
(Street Fighter Alpha 3)

"For some reason, I can't STAND women with sexy bodies... on a side note, flat chested girls like these do nothing for me."
- Laharl
(Disgaea: Hour of Darkness)

"Keep an eye on her, but don't let her know we know, you know?"
- Cliff
(Star Ocean: Till the End of Time)

"That awful man, he...NEVER, EVER understands...."
- Justin

"Barrel... barrel BARREL barrel Barrel BARREL barrel BarRel barrel BaRrEL..."
- Ashton
(Star Ocean: The Second Story)

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