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"What's the matter little knight? You don't seem happy to see me!"
- Gades
(Lufia and the Fortress of Doom)

"Those who flaunt their power disappear when the truly powerful appear."
- Rose
(The Legend of Dragoon)

"A ninja wastes no words."
- Kage


Ha, that cracks me up every time."
- Lizard, at Duck Village
(Suikoden III)

"I will answer you if I see anything with these sightless eyes. The wheel of destiny is heavy for a man to turn, but it's not impossible. I'm the executor of the Balance...I have no tears to shed. Luc, you challenged God like a fool. You disregarded a million lives with a cursed soul, but I forgive you and bless you. You're human, too. I bless your soul."
- Leknaat
(Suikoden III)

"Advisement: Evisceration works well. Electrocution, blunt trauma, and decapitation are also effective, I understand."
- HK-47
(Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

"No terminal can match my L33t hax0r skillz"
- 62 / Scorch
(Star Wars: Republic Commando)

"Relent, for you have already lost!"
- Ares
(God of War)

"Anybody feel like dying today? Step foward, I'll fight until my heart stops!"
- Viktor

"Would you like a large or small crater sir?"
- Scorch
(Star Wars: Republic Commando)

"Over there! It's Princess Garnet! Being hounded by brigands! Fear not, Princess! Your knight is coming!"
- Steiner
(Final Fantasy IX)

"Luke: You're weak!

Guy: You're a hack!

Jade: You're whack...."
- Jade, playing on words
(Tales of the Abyss)

"I'm training to be a bard. Listen to this!

Long long ago, in the canal to the east
a big ol' ugly monster was having a feast!
It ate lotsa people -53 at least-
but the good guys used the crystal
and sealed the beast! Oh yeah!

....my grandad says he's sorry he told me the story... but you guys liked it, right?"
- Townsperson
(Final Fantasy V Advance)

"Even a stray dog has a spine!"
- Gabranth
(Final Fantasy XII)

"Eldar! The Cadian 412th have faced doom before! We bested it then, and we will best it again! Die well!"
- General Sturnn of Cadian 412th
(Warhammer 40K: Winter Assault)

"YETA: Yeto! Mirror you gave...

YETO: Forget mirror, Yeta... No. Look into eyes of Yeto...

Look in reflection of Yeto's beautiful eyes. There true beauty!

Who need mirror?"
- Yeta and Yeto
(The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

"You vill eat NOW, schnitzel! This is cooking laboratory called Hot Fraun! Here vee grab flavor und vee SPANK it! You bring two ingredients! Und then, vee make treat so tasty, you cry like baby!

[Choose No]

...Ack! You change mind?! Hmph. Vell, come again, you naughty little strudel."
- Dyllis
(Super Paper Mario)

"When they told me a lot of action here, I thought they meant with the girls!"
- Man in hot tub, when you have a gun
(Red Steel)

"Foolishly you have sought your own demise. Brazenly you have disregarded powers beyond your understanding. You have fought hard to invade the realm of the harvester. Now there is only one way out - to walk the lonely path of the damned."
- Gothik the Harvester
(World of Warcraft)

"Karol: Our weapons are courage!
Rita: Beauty!
Judith: And modesty!
Yuri: Like any of you have those!"
- After battle skit
(Tales of Vesperia)

"You scratch my back, I crush yours. Pretty sweet, huh?"
- Gig
(Soul Nomad & the World Eaters)

"First, he hates rats. Can't stand the things. Giant rats, mole rats, doesn't matter. He catches a whiff of one, he's off like a shot after 'em. Second, he doesn't like hats, or the people wearing them. Don't ask, I have no idea why. Maybe because it rhymes with "rats."
- The King
(Fallout New Vegas)

"Capitalism, ho!"
- Recette

"Take a moment to admire your work. It's not just an iron dagger. You pulled metal from the ground and forged it into a tool that can end lives. Respect what you've made."
- Blacksmithing Basics
(The Elder Scrolls Online)

"French design and Italian construction, so expect style over substance and regular breakdowns. The Pigalle, a high performance coupe, is an icon of 70s motoring and bad taste. No wonder the ironically disposed love it."
- Description of the Lampadati Pigalle
(Grand Theft Auto V)

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