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"This is gonna be a big splash! Hold on to your drawers, an' don't piss in 'em!!"
- Cid
(Final Fantasy VII)

"Find a sphere and the fiends appear."
- Paine
(Final Fantasy X-2)

"Come with me to HELL!"
- Cervantes
(Soul Calibur 2)

"I'm going to dig to the ends of the earth."
- Twaikin, a dwarf who loves to dig
(Suikoden III)

"I may dress nice, but I'm still a maniac."
- Carl Johnson
(Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

"What kind of license you got, a fishin' license?"
- Carl Johnson, as he hits another car
(Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

"What I have shown you is reality. What you remember, that is the illusion."
- Sephiroth
(Final Fantasy VII)

"Who gives a damn about you? Your new name is "Mid-Boss"!"
- Laharl
(Disgaea: Hour of Darkness)

"Joey Finito: Ladies and gentlemen, it's the pain in the butt.

Virgillio Finito: Pain to the Max!

Max Payne: You're killing me. Did you make that up yourselves, or did you get some wino downstairs to come up with it? Don't answer that. A rhetorical question."
- The Finito Brothers and Max
(Max Payne)

"Mieu: Today... Master... called... me... Thing... 38... times.

Luke: Hey, Thing! You're not supposed to keep count!"

Mieu: Mieuuuu... make that 39...."
- Mieu and Luke
(Tales of the Abyss)

"Message of the Week: Don't ask others to do something you wouldn't. MAKE them do it."
- Bulletin Board
(Animal Crossing: Wild World)

"Hope you know,

If I had opposable thumbs, I could take over the world! Muahahahaha!

All Paws"
- A letter
(Animal Crossing: Wild World)

"Remember, no Stairway!"
- Loading Screen
(Guitar Hero 2)

"They don't actually want you to play Freebird. They're just heckling you."
- Loading Screen
(Guitar Hero)

"You are now renowned enough to use the Sexy Hero Pose expression."
- Guildmaster

"You are now evil enough to use the Air Guitar expression."
- Guildmaster
(Fable: The Lost Chapters)

"Dear [name],

Ice cream: summer treat
or risky indulgence?
Don't be another victim
in the brain freeze epidemic!

From Nintendo"
- Letter from Nintendo
(Animal Crossing: Wild World)

"Oooh! Well, if it isn't from Renado the shaman!

All this writing, and he doesn't even bother to mention a thing about little ol' me? Honey, that is what I call RUDE!

Well, there's no accounting for the foolishness of a man."
- Telma, reading Renado's letter
(The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

"YETA: Yeto! Mirror you gave...

YETO: Forget mirror, Yeta... No. Look into eyes of Yeto...

Look in reflection of Yeto's beautiful eyes. There true beauty!

Who need mirror?"
- Yeta and Yeto
(The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

"...Are you an actor or something? Dressing like the legendary hero... Wow, gutsy.

If you want to get stared at, why not just join the circus or something?

Looking at your innocent face for too long gives me heartburn...

How about you not talk to me, yeah?"
- Ashei
(The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

"I love going on message boards and complaining about games that I've never played!"
- Cat door, when trying to enter Francis' lair
(Super Paper Mario)

"Boy: Hey, Gramma! What do I need to do to live as long as you?

Old lady: Oh, that's simple, my dear... Don't be a picky eater. You have to have a varied diet.

Boy: Perfect! I eat from all the candy food groups!"
- Flipside residents
(Super Paper Mario)

"C:/ run query identification

C:/ run insult generator

C:/ results: go away yeti-lip!"
- Fracktail
(Super Paper Mario)


- Fracktail, malfunctioning
(Super Paper Mario)

"You vill eat NOW, schnitzel! This is cooking laboratory called Hot Fraun! Here vee grab flavor und vee SPANK it! You bring two ingredients! Und then, vee make treat so tasty, you cry like baby!

[Choose No]

...Ack! You change mind?! Hmph. Vell, come again, you naughty little strudel."
- Dyllis
(Super Paper Mario)

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