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"This guy are sick."
- Aeris
(Final Fantasy VII)

"When you have hair like mine, people KNOW not to mess with you."
- Aconia Angelus
(Everquest II)

"If we're all clones, then how come I'm the only with with a sense of humor?"
- 62 / Scorch
(Star Wars: Republic Commando)

"No terminal can match my L33t hax0r skillz"
- 62 / Scorch
(Star Wars: Republic Commando)

"You hit like a slave!"
- A Lamia
(Everquest 2)

"One's an anomaly. Two's a trend. Rule 89, Boss."
- 62/Scorch
(Star Wars: Republic Commando)

"All I see is blackness... oh, my hood's down."
- Acolyte
(Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos)

"Once you head down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny... and it's got dental."
- Acolyte
(Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos)

"Brains! It's what's for dinner!"
- A Zombie
(Everquest 2)

"'Join the army,' they said! 'See the world,' they said! I'd rather be sailing!"
- A footman, being annoyed by you
(Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness)

"If you die, be sure to tell me!"
- A Necromancer
(Everquest 2)

"Cloud: ...you look like a bear wearing a marshmallow.

Barret: The hell's that supposed to mean!? This happens to be the most comfortable, so shu'up!"
- After Barret puts on a sailor suit
(Final Fantasy VII)

"Reports say that children as young as THIRTEEN may begin TALKING BACK to their parents!"
- 1950s Newscaster
(The Movies)

"We train by killing. That's the code of conduct in this world..."
- A-Kichi

"Hope you know,

If I had opposable thumbs, I could take over the world! Muahahahaha!

All Paws"
- A letter
(Animal Crossing: Wild World)

"Hanako: I woke up the lady for you. I think she was crying!

Adell: Her? Crying? You've got to be imagining things!

Taro: Maybe he did something naughty to her! Sexual harassment! Adell's going to jail!

Adell: How do you even know what sexual harassment is?"
- Adell and his younger siblings
(Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories)

"Prinnies: We challenge you to bowling, dood!

Adell: You DO realize you're on the side that gets hit by the ball, right?

Prinnies: Really!? Dood!"
- Adell, when the prinnies take a triangle formation
(Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories)

"Karol: Our weapons are courage!
Rita: Beauty!
Judith: And modesty!
Yuri: Like any of you have those!"
- After battle skit
(Tales of Vesperia)

"Flonne: Lucius said something... righteous?! Could it be he's finally changed his class from Dark Hero to Hero of Light?!
Lucius: That would be a stupid story mechanic. Next you'll say we need to fight some boss on a moon. Let's go, justice freak."
- A shameless Final Fantasy 4 reference
(Trinity Universe)

"Micah: But it was one of the options!
Pia: Clerical error. I blame the gnomes! They're not very skilled copy editors. Well, moving on!
Micah: Wasn't that last question invalid, then?
Pia: Nope! The gnomes have the final say!
Micah: I'm not even gonna get into that..."
- A discussion about
(Rune Factory 3)

"Raj: We'll give you many Star Stones! More than Khan can count!

Khan: Yes! Two!"
- A pair of goblins
(Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga)

"Yulie: Hey, I know you!
Cyrus: And I know you!
Osmond: And I know all of you! What do I win?"
- A silly reunion
(White Knight Chronicles 2)

"After these trees drink your blood, I will see to it they are cut down and burned."
- 3rd Cohort Decurion
(Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn)

"Those who fear the unseen are cowards.
Those who never doubt their eyes are fools."
- 'Chameleon' spell description
(Dark Souls II)

"A piece of rubbish that is good for nothing.

One man's rubbish is another man's riches, for value, is in the eye of the beholder.

But utility is another matter, and this has none."
- 'Rubbish' item description
(Dark Souls II)

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