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BrK 05-15-2021 10:44 AM

New here
Hello, I am new here and I found this forum from a GameFaqs guide on Dragon Ball Z: Buuís Fury last updated in 2006. This is a chance encounter that I happened to be looking at that particular game and that particular guide. I clicked on the link as Evermore was in the title and Secret of Evermore is one of my favourite games.

Iím in my early 20s and never got the chance to really explore small communities like this when I was younger, it was all just social media mainly. Iíve noticed now that itís hard to even just be part of a small group online now as everything is so intertwined and a lot of people my age ( not all) just want to talk about trendy things or memes nowadays. Iíve mentioned older games, movies or music to people a few years older and younger than me and no one really cares. The modern music is mostly crap but there is a few treasures, none of it is really mainstream though. I do like many modern games but online games, I quite dislike due to the frequency of micro transactions that messes up with the flow of the game. I like older games such as SNES, SEGA, PS1, PS2, N64 or gameboy games.

Overall, I am upset with what the internet has evolved to even just from the time I was a kid and only expect it to get worse as young people will stick with social media and the older members on small community forums leave to join the masses. Itís these small community groups who contain vast sources of knowledge from the early days of the internet and they have been steadily disappearing for more than a decade. We just lost yahoo answers recently which wasnít all that surprising but nevertheless sad. Iíve heard itís been archived though by someone.

Anyways, thatís my welcome to the site and nice to meet you all.

Lancet Jades 05-17-2021 02:20 PM

Hey, welcome to my site! Been a while since a few face popped up.

Sadly, this site has been pretty dead for several years now. It's a shame how the homogenization of the internet has killed small groups like this one. Everything is so much about having your real life friends and contacts as your online network a la social media. I mostly keep this place around because I use the site for hosting other things of my own, and the forum doesn't take up enough space to be a concern.

There's some old guides on Gamefaqs that mention us because I toyed with the idea of hosting guides like Gamefaqs did way back in the day, and obtained permission from the authors of various guides to upload it here, giving them reason to add my site to their whitelist.

If nothing else, hopefully you'll enjoy this time capsule of sorts from the 2000s-era internet.

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