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Rules of Evermore
Here are the rules of Evermore Forums:


1: Spamming. Spamming is posting off-topic, useless, pointless, and/or annoying material. Spam has no relevance to the topic, or at best, contributes nothing TO the topic.

2: Multiple shouts. Multiple shouts in the shoutbox are punishable by a warning (especially if three or more). Each group of shouts is a single "multiple shout."

3: Rule violation. Some forums have specific rules, contained in either an announcement, or a clearly marked rules thread, as well as any comments a moderator has made in single threads (i.e., don't post any more pictures). Violating those rules in the forum in question punishable by a warning.

4: Flaming. Flaming is the act of posting material that is intended to insult, degrade, demean, or otherwise hurt the person(s).

5: Advertising. Advertising is the act of posting a link or other direction to a site with the intent of directing members of Evermore to the site. It is forbidden, unless you acquire prior consent from me. This includes advertising via PMs. See this page for more information.

6: Reviving old topics. This rule is not as strict as some other forums. You may post in old or dead topics, as long as the post is relevant to the topic, and the thread is not in or is one of the following:
(Note: The rule applies to all subforums too)
-Advice & Help
-Ask the Staff
-Computer Help
-Gates of Hell
-Meeting Hall
-Party Central
-Rating Station

Also, the following types of threads are not to be revived:
-Threads in game help that "ask for help on a game" or "ask what game(s) to get."
-Any threads in which a poll is closed.
-Any thread which deals with a certain point in time that has passed (for example: a political debate about an election that has passed already).

7: Trolling. Trolling is the act of posting with the intent to start a fight, or to lure someone into flaming you. Be careful, ye assholes out there, as acting like an ass can also be interpreted as trolling...

8: Pornography. Any posts containing any form of pornography is strictly forbidden. Minors can freely view every part of this forum, and thus would be able to view the pornographic material. If you wish to post something and honestly cannot decide whether it is pornographic or not, PM an adminsitrator and ask.

9: Mass Flaming. This is flaming multiple members at once. This is more serious than regular flaming, and will be treated as such.

10: Insubordination. This is the act of disobeying a direct order from a staff member, regardless of how petty the order may have been. Insubordination displays a complete lack of respect for the staff, and will be severly punished.

11: Heavy rule violation. Similar to Rule Violation, except in a more serious matter. This can either be severely breaking a forum's specific rules at one time, or after two (2) regular rule violation warnings in a forum, this will be substituted for any subsequent violations.

12: Threats. Do not threaten a member, moderator, or an administrator. Whether or not something is an actual threat will be left up to the interpretation of an administrator. Threats seen as serious and/or real will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

13: Flooding. Flooding is posting multiple posts/threads that are spam or flames in multiple forums over a short period, with the intent to disrupt the normal functions of the site. Posting a lot of threads in a forum or forums that are legitimate does not count as flooding in most cases (such as posting a large number of game-based threads in General Gaming), however very large volumes (in excess of 20) should be spaced out over a couple of days, if for no other reason than to give the members time to respond to the ones already posted.

The Following three offenses fall under the category of Treason, and will be severly punished, usually with an IP ban and Ban on Sight (BoS).

14: Boardwide threats. Any threats to hack the board, or to cause any sort of widespread disturbance will result in an instant IP ban/BoS, whether it was intended as a joke or not. Whether or not it is interpreted as a joke, and whether it will be punished, will be left up to the admins. Te be safe, just don't do it at all, even in jest.

15: Malicious use of code. If you use code, or otherwise attack or hack this board in any way, you will be IP banned, as well as have all offending accounts deleted, and their posts mass-pruned.

16: Hacking. Any person or persons who attempt to, or successfully, hack this board will be immediately dealt with through aforementioned methods. Also, should you attempt to hack this board, other loyal members of this site MAY attempt a counterattack by hacking your own computer(s), or hacking and destroying any websites made by you, or run by you. In such an event, the management of this board cannot be held responsible for loss of property resulting from such a counterattack by unknown parties.

These rules are subject to change at any time. I will try my best to give notification if rules have changed. The punishments for the offenses can be overruled and either rendered softer or harsher at any time by a super-moderator or an administrator. If you feel you have been unjustly warned or banned and wish to appeal the decision, then PM or email me with the thread in question, and your username (if emailing). I will then review the situation.
PM: Lancet Jades
Email: lancetjades@gmail.com

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