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Signature Rules
1: Maximum image size limits - 700x350 pix
~Images in signatures cannot excede 700x350 pix.

2: Maximum total image filesize - 400kb
~The total filesize of all images in a signature cannot exceed 400kb (409600 bytes).

3: Maximum total signature size - 350pix high.
~The total height of a signature should not exceed 350pix. Although there is no definite way of judging this other than visually, try to keep it within that limit (obviously, this means with a image that is 350pix high, you cannot have anything else in the signature).

How to access the arcade, journal, and more
If you are a new member and do not have 25 posts yet, you will only be alotted 10 plays in the arcade per day. Once you reach 25 posts, this will be expanded to unlimited play. Your account will also have expanded storage space for PMs, attachments, avatars, and more.

If after 25 posts you are not able to immediately access these functions, don't worry. The scheduled task that upgrades accounts runs every 20 minutes or so, so wait a half hour, and they should work. If after a half hour they still don't work, then contact an administrator, as something is most likely wrong.

How to become a Moderator
In order to become a moderator, you must satisfy the following criteria:

1: You must have at least 500 posts.

2: You must have shown yourself to be a competent and mature member via the minimum of 500 posts. Good spelling and grammar is a must. Ppl who tlk lyk dis 0r l13k 7|-|!5 will NOT be considered for a moderator position.

3: Asking to be a mod is not a good idea. Although asking will not automatically disqualify you, it is more than likely that if you are indeed qualified for a mod spot, an administrator will have approached you already.

These strict criteria for modship are in place to ensure that Evermore never has an excess of moderators, as well as ensuring that the staff is loyal to Evermore, and has a vested interest in its success and well-being. However, keep in mind our demand for mods is very low, and as such, even as an intelligent, contributing member with thousands of posts, you may still not be promoted, although should we need more staff, such people would be the first approached about a position.

We very rarely need new moderators. The chances of being accepted on staff are pretty low.

How to get a colored username
If you wish to have a color and glow on your username, then you must take the following steps:

1: Go to your User CP

2: Go to the bottom of the page, and click on Group Memberships on the left side.

3: Choose which colors you like, and then click on Join Group.

4: After clicking Join Group, go to the bottom of the page and select that color group as "Identify me as a member of this group". After clicking on that, your username will be displayed in the colors you chose.

If there is a color/glow set you would like to have, but is not available, PM an administrator and ask for it. It isn't guaranteed that they will make one, but it couldn't hurt to ask.

Name Changes
If you wish to have your username changed, go to this page. Assuming it isn't something vulgar or inappropriate, it will be changed. Just don't go asking for a name change every day or something. Whether a particular username IS vulgar or inappropriate is up to the administrator's discretion.

Name changes cannot be requested for others, even if you swear up and down that they asked you to do it for them. If they want it changed so badly, they can ask an administrator themselves.

The maximum username length is 22 characters (including spaces), and the minimum is 3 characters. Administrators CAN create longer (or shorter) usernames, but unless a very compelling reason is offered, they won't.

Asking for a username that is very similar to a staff member's name will not be considered unless they permit it. If you wish for a similar name, PM the person first to ask permission. If for some reason a staff member changes their name to one similar to yours, however, you will NOT be asked to change it, so don't worry.

Missed Referrals
If you invite someone to the site, but they do not list you as the referrer, you can PM an administrator and aks them to add you as the referrer. However, this will require the consent of the other person as well. If both parties (inviter and invitee) agree, you will be added as the referrer.

Outside Links
You are allowed to post outside links as long as they are to a site that contains information on the topic at hand. You can NOT link to other forum sites, or any other private sites such as an angelfire, geocities, or other hosting type sites without prior staff permission unless it is directly relevant to the topic.

If you wish to post a link that is not relevant to the topic, PM an administrator or moderator first. More than likely you will be given permission, so long as you ask first.

Currently, we do NOT have an advertising forum, so there is NO place you can safely advertise a site of yours on Evermore without prior administrator consent, and/or unless you are an affiliate of Evermore.

Commercial advertising (e.g., advertising a for-profit site) is banned, period. If you wish to advertise a site that makes money off of commercial activity, or for which you are being paid to advertise, you can pay Evermore money for that advertising. You will not get it for free.

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